Frequently asked Questions

How will you promote my Instagram profile?

We display your profile to a targeted group of people on our social discovery network - a network of over 100 thousand people looking to discover cool new Instagrammers to like and follow.

What is a discovery network?

Our discovery network consists of two sides; the customer (you) and our user base. Our user base of 476,457 people browse profiles just like yours to find ones that piques their interest.

Why should I use your service?

Because we can boost your popularity by displaying your profile and photos to members of our discovery network. If it’s interesting you’ll not only get visits, but follows, likes and comments too.

When will I see results?

In as little as 10 minutes after you submit your profile it will start rotating through our discovery network to be viewed by users across the world.

What do you need from me?

Just your Instagram username. We do NOT need your password or any other sensitive data.

Do you see followers?

No, we display your profile to people who are part of our social discovery network - if you photos pique their interests then it is their choice to follow, like or comment. Our job is to put your profile in front of their eyes.

Will my account be banned?

No. We send real visitors from our social discovery network to your profile. We do not use bots or any methods which conflict with Instagram’s TOS.

Beware: Sites claiming that you can buy Instagram followers use fake accounts,which will get removed and may even get you permanently banned from Instagram.

Do you need my login information?

No, we do not need your login details. Never share your login details with any service that requests it.

Are the visitors real?

Yes, the visitors we send to your profile are real people. No bots, No fake profiles, just real people like you.